Vendor Neutrality

Every organization is different and has their own unique infrastructure. No one standard product or solution fits every environment. Unlike our competition we do not look to resell product, nor do we accept any money from manufacturers. By remaining vendor agnostic, we can keep our focus on the most innovative, secure and ultimately best cybersecurity solutions for our clients.


Our Difference

Privacy and Exclusivity

Rhymetec protects some of the worlds most exclusive cyber assets. We maintiain a low profile when working with our clients and leave minimal footprints during our operations. Personal information is never shared outside of the consultants working directly on a project and any information gathered through projects is returned to the client at the end of each project.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear - We aim to REDUCE RISK and remediate any holes in your security strategy and MITIGATE THREAT. We do this by attacking the root of the problem—the cyber threat's ability to gain entry and remain undetected.

In a world of Insecurity we aim to:

Reduce Risk

Find existing holes in your security strategy and learn how to better protect critical business assets

Mitigate Threats

Limit the impact of security incidents through advanced preparation and incident response

With our unbiased aggregation of the best of breed solutions we will recreate your environment in our lab to test prior to deployment in your home environment.

Our Team

Rhymetec’s leadership and technical teams are made of the worlds most elite cybersecurity professionals, who have dealt with diverse types of sophisticated cyber attacks and technical vulnerabilities. We are breaking new ground with our avant-garde, focused approach that allows us to tailor the most innovative, secure cybersecurity solutions.

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