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Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities Applications

Security should be a focus during the entire software development life cycle (SDLC). Different studies and surveys show that approximately 75% of attacks happen due to in insecure application, which includes insecure code. A review of the source code has now become an essential part of SDLC due to increasing incidents of hacking and server attacks.

Rhymetec’s Source Code Review finds common vulnerabilities by performing a deep analysis of your applications, including open source and third party components, without actually executing them. A code review can facilitate the communication of institutional knowledge between developers. Rhymetec experts will perform a manual code review and automated static analysis test on the application’s code base using a combination of commercial and proprietary tools, techniques and methodologies.

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Service Overview

The assessment will cover the following categories, in addition to identifying vulnerabilities beyond the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10:

  • Data Flow Analysis — Trace data from input points to output points, including storage and destruction, to identify potential weaknesses
  • Control Flow Analysis — Identify threats by stepping through logical conditions and identifying all paths through which code may traverse
  • Structural Analysis — Evaluate the security of high-level architecture at multiple-tiers and the composition of applications and subsystems
  • Configuration Analysis — Assess the security configuration of all relevant components to identify vulnerabilities
  • Semantic Analysis — Analyze the code base within an application’s context to identify vulnerabilities unique to the application and environment


Rhymetec will furnish a comprehensive report detailing:

  • Overall function of the code as it pertains to the intended design and architecture
  • General comments and issues that are endemic or systemic within the code base
  • Module by module findings identifying issues within the implementation

Strengthen your security infrastructure to reduce the possibility of an external attacker compromising confidential information. Contact Rhymetec for details.


  • Find and identify security related flaws that a malicious user could leverage to compromise the application
  • Develop a baseline standard for weakness identification, mitigation and prevention efforts
  • Fix bugs early rather than patching them later at an increased cost
  • Build the confidence of stakeholders in the technical quality of the execution of source code

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