Cloud Security Assessment

Evaluate Cloud Infrastructure Security

Many organizations moving resources into the cloud require vulnerability assessments and penetration tests of critical assets to determine whether vulnerabilities are present and what risks they pose.

Cloud service providers such as Amazon, Azure and Google manage the security and availability of their cloud infrastructure like any large enterprise. They monitor and investigate security events and incidents. Cloud service providers, or CSPs, need to be able to differentiate between a customer's penetration test and an actual attack on the environment. If there's a mix up, site traffic could be dropped, blocked or blackholed by DDoS protection or intrusion prevention systems

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Services Overview

Rhymetec’s Cloud Security Assessment identifies the security of your cloud infrastructure from different perspectives. Initially, we perform a security assessment of the cloud system from an external, internet-facing perspective. This involves the use of classic network infrastructure and application penetration testing methodologies.

Rhymetec Cloud Security Assessment may include:

  • Network Based Attacks
  • Exploitation of shared resources
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Manual Vulnerability Verification
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Analysis


Rhymetec will furnish a comprehensive report detailing:

  • Vulnerabilities discovered along with recommendations for remediation
  • IP addresses and hostnames tested with open ports and listening devices on these systems
  • The in-depth anatomy of successful attacks
  • Strategic and tactical recommendations Discover weak points in your internal network with an Internal Network Penetration Assessment.


  • Detect and remediate weaknesses that could allow a compromise
  • Identify and verify vulnerabilities before they are discovered by a malicious party
  • Recognize select high-risk weaknesses that exist due to a combination of smaller vulnerabilities
  • Meet legal or compliance requirements from PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and other regulations requiring pen testing
  • Test internal monitoring and incident response capabilities
  • Identify attack paths that could remain unseen without a penetration assessment

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