Endpoint Management Solutions

Deploy and Manage Endpoint Solutions That Fit Your Business

When an organization grows, so does its asset footprint. The task of managing IT assets becomes much more challenging as business expands beyond a couple of servers, workstations, and network devices -- otherwise known as endpoints. What once only required simple IT management — putting PC names, printers, network subnets, antivirus definition dates, and installed applications into a few spreadsheets — soon becomes overwhelming. What the IT department needs is a solution that automatically tracks all of its endpoints, from procurement to retirement.

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Asset Management

Endpoint management solutions typically offer asset management functionality. Depending on the product, this is done a number of different ways, both with and without an agent installed on the endpoint. Rhymetec will analyse, develop and deploy what is best for your organization

Patch Management

Not only does an endpoint management solution enable you to see the type of devices that exist in your environment, but it also enables you to discover and apply patches to them. Rhymetec’s endpoint management solutions do this (rather than a dedicated, one-off product) allows you to integrate your asset inventory data with patch levels.

OS Deployment

Rhymetec’s Endpoint Management Solution give you an easy way to deliver operating systems to servers and PCs and Mac’s.

Endpoint Management Umbrella Solutions

Endpoint management solutions can include well over 10 distinct feature sets. Typical features include automatic software and hardware inventory tracking, patch management, mobile device management (MDM), complete operating system and software application deployments, antivirus client management, and even workstation and server console remote control options. No matter the platform Rhymetec has a solutions for you.

Application Development

Rhymetec’s Enpoint Management Solution can also install any applications you may need on a single device, or thousands of devices, all at once.

Compliance Evaluation and Remediation

Rhymetec’s Endpoint Management solution allow you to define baselines for your business-specific requirements on your servers and workstations. Once a baseline is set, you can report on and even remediate the settings back to the baseline. This is great for security compliance regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, GLBA and so on.

Mobile Device Management

Whether it's a company-owned iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop, or even an employee's own personal equipment, Rhymetec’s endpoint management solution will help you manage these devices. It will track your equipment, manage the apps on your mobile devices, apply security policies, and more.


  • Gain valuable insight about all your devices and ensure your network is exactly as you want it.
  • Improve IT Security - employ a common set of processes for recording device information, patching and updating software components, provisioning applications, and ensuring continuous security compliance.
  • Enable better IT and Business Decisions - make it easier to know, show, and tell valuable information about your endpoints, in technical or business-centric contexts as needed.
  • Give Productivity a Boost - According to EMA, a forward-thinking Endpoint Management solution is key when it comes to creating consistent and valuable user experiences. Productivity is increased when users can focus solely on the tasks they have to complete.

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