Network Vulnerability Assessments

Understand your Cyber Security Posture

Unauthorized access to company resources using existing vulnerabilities is a serious security concern. Identifying, quantifying and prioritizing security vulnerabilities in an environment can be a difficult process without the proper methodology, skills and tool sets. Illuminating these vulnerabilities, as well as providing the appropriate mitigation procedures, helps to reduce and eliminate them to an acceptable level of risk.

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Service Overview

Each assessment is based on a clearly defined client-provider set of engagement rules to quickly and accurately identify gaps and vulnerabilities on your network using a remote testing appliance. Using a combination of automated and manual scanning with custom scripts and applications based on our Threat Intelligence Network, you are provided with a customized and actionable report for nontechnical and technical audiences.

The activities performed may include:

  • Establish rules of Engagement
  • Scope Validation
  • Network Discovery
  • Enumeration and Mapping


Rhymetec will furnish a comprehensive report that includes:

  • Executive Report
  • Summary of Findings with Recommendations
  • Risk Analysis Matrix
  • Remediation Priority Matrix
  • Detailed Map of internet Facing Attack Surface

Strengthen your security infrastructure to reduce the possibility of an external attacker compromising confidential information. Contact Rhymetec for details.


  • Map of your entire internet facing attack surface
  • Catch low-hanging fruit
  • Validate your patching/hardening program
  • Establish a security baseline
  • Identify known, surface-level security issues & misconfigurations

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