Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also known as ethical hacking, is conducted to confirm the true risk of vulnerabilities identified. Through exploitation of vulnerabilities, engineers will gain root or administrator-level access to the target systems and/or other trusted user account access. During this process, advanced tools and custom utilities will be used to maintain availability of the servers while gaining access to potential vulnerable services. After manual verification of the information from the testing, we provide a mitigation plan to secure the network and prevent the information from being accessed.

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Advanced Penetration Test

APT testing stands for Advanced Persistent Threat testing. APT testing is not your average penetration test; instead of a vulnerability identification and exploitation exercise, APT testing is a simulation of a full scale attack against a company’s environment involving elements of social engineering attacks, anti-virus and network defense bypass as well as intrusion tactics not conventionally used on a penetration test.

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Network Penetration Test

Penetration testing, also referred to as pen testing, is a simulated real world attack on a network or application that identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Penetration tests (pen tests) are part of an industry recognized approach to identifying and quantifying risk. They actively attempt to ‘exploit’ vulnerabilities and exposures in a company’s infrastructure, applications, people and processes.

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Internal Penetration Test

A Rhymetec Internal Penetration Test will identify critical exploitable vulnerabilities in internal systems. This type of assessment is an attack simulation carried out by our highly trained security consultants in an effort to identify network security flaws present in the environment and understand the level of risk for your organization

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Web Application Penetration Test

Web application penetration testing will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers to be able to compromise applications in such a way that allows for unauthorized access to sensitive data or even take-over systems for malicious/non-business purposes.

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Network Vulnerability Assessments

Rhymetec provides a a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment solution, using leading technology deployed by security professionals, to scan and report your assets for known vulnerabilities.

Using our team of security professionals, who understand the current threat landscape, offensive techniques of attackers and how to achieve a strong security posture, Rhymetec's Vulnerability Assessment will give you confidence and power to stay on top of emerging vulnerabilities and changing vulnerability landscape.

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