Security Solutions

Get connected to a network of licensed penetration testers and network security engineers for all your cyber security needs.

I Penetration Testing
Maybe you’ve heard of this thing called ethical hacking. Maybe not. During penetration tests (pen tests), our experts hack your systems (with permission) to find security gaps before the bad guys can get in. And, we tell you how to fix them.

Web Application Pen Testing

What it does – Tests user interfaces and APIs for vulnerabilities

How we do it – Through a customized, two-pronged approach using automated and manual pen tests that ensure your app meets OWASP’s Top Ten recommendations for web app security

Why it’s a good idea – Prevents stolen session IDs, account information theft, data breaches, and foreign code implants. Also helps your app meet compliance regulations. And, spots problems before a hacker can.

Network Testing

What it does – Finds security risks in networks, systems, hosts, and devices (like routers and switches)

How we do it – External tests discover how to gain access to your systems and data Internal tests identify threats and risks once someone gets there Wireless tests analyze the security of your wireless network

Why it’s a good idea – Identifies potential attack paths, including those that can be initiated by employees. These tests also show which systems can be accessed through guest networks, and help your organization meet compliance regulations.

Advanced Testing (APT)

What it does – Simulates a security attack on your systems using threats created by our experts. This is also called red teaming, and it’s as close as it gets to a real-world security hack.

How we do it – Use public information about your company to create one or more attack paths. Once access is gained, we search your network for any sensitive information that a “real” hacker could reach.

Why it’s a good idea – The most effective way to test your system’s risk for breach, infiltration, or worse. Evaluates your organization’s security policies and procedures. Provides solutions to potential threats so you can get back to business.

Physical Testing

What it does – Inspects the security of your organization’s offices, access points, policies, and procedures.

How we do it – We’ll look at the security of your workspaces from the point of view of someone trying to break in (black-box analysis) and evaluate the policies you have in place (white-box analysis).

Why it’s a good idea – See how well your security measures protect you from things like tailgating, lock-picking, copying badges, or backdoor access to your network. These tests can also help you meet compliance regulations.

I Social Engineering
What it does
Examines the human element of security – how people (specifically employees) can be exploited to gain access to your protected data

 How we do it
Use test scenarios (such as phishing, USB drops, phone calls, and more) to find out how prepared your employees are to respond to security threats

 Why it’s a good idea
Tests your current security systems, identifies opportunities for education and training, and prepares your staff to take action in the event of a real attack

I Network Security
What it does
Protects your systems and data while maintaining compliance

How we do it
Stress test your security to find vulnerabilities, then offer the perfect solution to seal them

 Why it’s a good idea
Because your security needs are unique, and we’ll work with you to find the right solution to fit them–whether it’s encryption, SSO deployment, or anything else.

I Endpoint Management Security
What it does
Keeps the devices on your network up-to-date and protected from threats

 How we do it
We’ll take care of applying patches, deploying system updates, installing apps, and reporting on usage of all of your company devices so that you don’t have to do it manuallyUse test scenarios (such as phishing, USB drops, phone calls, and more) to find out how prepared your employees are to respond to security threats

 Why it’s a good idea
Provides insights into device usage, gives you more control over your network, and improves company productivity–not to mention IT security and peace of mind!

I Security Management
What it does
Takes the technology side of business off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best

How we do it
Lots of ways. Here are just a few Create a custom technology plan, forecast, and budget for your company Manage updates and security for your network and devices Provide 1-on-1 tech support, training, and onsite assistance for your employees

 Why it’s a good idea
Building an in-house tech team is a huge investment. Our top-notch experts are available immediately, 24/7, and for a fraction of the cost.