SSO Development and SSO Deployment

Reduce Security Threat by Deploying a SSO Solution

Cloud-based applications are such an essential part of business these days that many companies find themselves employing dozens of different software solutions, each with its own set of login credentials. This can present a problem when employees start forgetting their passwords and bombarding the help desk with requests. And it's more than just a nuisance; when credentials float around unsecured and unmonitored, it creates vulnerabilities in your network.

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions address these concerns by empowering administrators on the back end to control the authentication and access management process. By synchronizing with an existing active directory, SSO solutions can unify all of the credentials for websites and applications under one password for the user. At the same time, administrators can control security policies and plug vulnerabilities as they appear. It's a win for productivity and a win for security.

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Service Overview

With Rhymetec’s Single Sign-On, you can ramp up secure access to IT applications by giving your users federated access using one Single Sign-On password. This is one sure shot way to put an end to practices such as writing passwords on sticky notes or storing them in spreadsheets which is a huge security vulnerability.

With Rhymetec’s Single Sign-On, you could achieve:

  • Federation Across Multiple Applications – Help your users save time & effort by giving them federated access to applications.
  • Single Point Entry – Standardize the interface & deliver a consistent user experience by giving them a single point of entry to all the applications.
  • Flexible Integration – Achieve standard-based authentication through the platform’s ability to support common authentication standards like SAML, CAS and more.


  • Improved Ease/Speed of Access - Users experience much faster access to applications without having to manually enter credentials into each application. Single Sign-On can also be used to streamline user access to virtual desktops or hosted environments.
  • Improved User Productivity - Not having to deal with passwords translates to time savings and increased productivity.
  • Increased Security - Strong authentication options and better desktop security (such as automatic desktop locking), as well as reduction/elimination of passwords being shared or written down.
  • Improved Auditing - Ability to track application usage, shared workstation access, reveal users sharing credentials, etc.
  • Reduced Help Desk Calls - Implementing Single Sign-On and self-service password reset will reduce password reset calls.

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