Technology Services Management

Planning, Deploying and Management Information Technology

This comprehensive and customizable program is designed to take the burden of building, growing and managing the technology side of your business off the shoulders of the non-tech employees. This program allows employees to focus on their core proficiencies, while our experienced technology team brings maximum efficiency to these often-arduous processes.

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Services Included

  • Technology Support – A single point of contact to support end-users for all computing related issues, as well as, manage the day to day operations of applications, systems, devices, access within the corporate IT environment.
    • Manage all endpoint policies and devices
    • Develop and manage security policies
    • Administer users
    • Configure mail delivery, routing, and filtering
    • Create and manage calendar resources
    • Configure and manage group settings
  • Technology planning – Plan and administer all deployments and provide ongoing management and maintenance
  • Vendor Liaison – Provide a single point of contact for all corporate technology vendors
  • Budgeting– Liaise with executive investors and accounting to build and technology budget on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Training - As much employee training as needed to get them used to using the new infrastructure Employee one-on-one training
  • Onsite Support - Rhymetec technical consultants can work remotely or onsite at the client's location.

All services are customizable and can be combined with any other Rhymetec Technology Services.Contact Rhymetec for details.


  • Expertise - Unless your background is linked to providing technical support, you will gain an incredible advantage when outsourcing your support. Rhymetec consultants are experts in their field and provide only the best possible support for your clients.
  • Better Technology - You will always have a support team evaluating and working with the best possible technology.
  • Cost Effective - Hiring a staff to work around the clock and every day of the week is expensive. Not only do you have to hire multiple IT experts to provide support, but you also have to pay the overhead for the space and equipment they need to do their job. This can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
  • Scalable - Outsourcing your technical support allows you to grow as quickly or as slowly as you want.

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