Web Application Penetration Test

Determine Security Posture of Online Applications

Web applications play an important role in today’s businesses, but are also vulnerable to security and compliance risks by increasing the attack surface. A compromised app can result in stolen session IDs, account information theft, data breaches, and malicious code being implanted on websites.

Rhymetec’s Web Application Penetration Assessment allows organizations to test the security state of their applications, whether developed in-house or by third parties. The assessment can help organizations identify and correct vulnerabilities to protect from harmful attacks, and should be used as part of an ongoing strategy to support the organization’s software development lifecycle.

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Service Overview

Rhymetec’s team of dedicated IT specialists will customize the breadth and depth of testing based upon the cloud deployment and service model of the application and architecture. Utilizing both automated dynamic analysis and heavy manual penetration testing, the assessment tests for vulnerabilities in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Application Program Interface (API) to ensure they meet and exceed the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) Top Ten recommendations for web application security.

Testing of vulnerabilities covers:

  • Discovery
  • Data Validation
  • Security Misconfiguration
  • Information Leaks & Error Handling
  • Authentication
  • Logging and Auditing
  • Access Controls Protection
  • Data Transport and Storage
  • User Session Management
  • Client and Business Logic Testing


Recommendations for strengthening vulnerabilities to reduce the possibility of exploits by an attacker and analysis of those vulnerabilities are provided.

The assessment results include:

  • Daily and Weekly Status Reports
  • Final and Executive Summary Reports
  • Strategic Remediation Roadmap
  • Detailed Findings and Remediation
  • Executive Presentation

Ensure your web applications are free of known security vulnerabilities. Contact Rhymetec for details


  • Gain a detailed view of security weaknesses to better protect systems and data from attack
  • Discover the information that systems are leaking
  • Mitigate critical vulnerabilities before an attacker can gain access
  • Allow your developers to focus on other issues and to meet deadlines
  • Meet compliance requirements faster and more efficiently

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