Wireless Security Assessment

Identify Vulnerabilities in Wireless Infrastructure

Many businesses use wireless (Wi-Fi) networks to enable mobile devices to access the Internet. While these networks provide many benefits, an unprotected network can result in unauthorized use and potential security risks. Improperly architected networks can place attackers directly on your internal networks to access sensitive information, view the contents of transmissions, and infect computers. Unauthorized users may also send spam, spyware, or viruses to others from within your network.

Rhymetec’s Wireless Penetration Assessment is a critical step towards realizing the benefits of a wireless network. Our experts will help your organization prepare for business-critical mobility by evaluating your current environment, identifying areas of risk, and providing a roadmap detailing opportunities for improvement.

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A Wireless Penetration Assessment is performed by analyzing wireless network architecture diagrams, interviewing wireless network administrators, analyzing wireless controller configurations and logs, and manual penetration testing of wireless networks.

An Wireless Penetration Assessment includes:

  • Interviews with wireless network administrators to determine policies and procedures
  • Review of network architecture diagrams to identify vulnerabilities • Scans of TCP/UDP ports and ‘thick’ access points
  • Manual testing of wireless networks and wireless access points
  • Evaluation of authentication and encryption mechanisms
  • Testing of guest wireless networks
  • Searching for rogue access points throughout the facility (optional)


Rhymetec will furnish a comprehensive report detailing:

  • Precise descriptions of vulnerabilities identified along with recommendations for remediation
  • Wireless networks, wireless access points, and wireless controllers tested by BSSID and ESSID Obtain an accurate understanding of your wireless infrastructure from the standpoint of an attacker.


  • Detect and remediate vulnerabilities within the wireless spectrum
  • Improve reliability, security, and resiliency of the wireless network
  • Identify rogue access points that do not follow the organization’s security guidelines
  • Facilitate compliance with industry regulations such as PCI-DSS and others
  • Determine if internal systems can be reached via guest wireless networks

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