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With 90% of data breaches a result of a user clicking on a phishing email, it’s more important than ever to train your users to detect the most advanced threats.

Employee Phishing Training

Employee Phishing Training Made Easy

Rhymetec can help train users by providing phishing simulations and phishing material to educate users on what they can do to spot the phish in the future.

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Phishing Testing and Training

Track every stage of the phishing simulation kill-chain

Track every stage of the phishing simulation kill-chain
Leveraging a variety of techniques, track which users fell for, or partially fell for a phishing campaign:

  • See users who viewed a phishing email
  • See users who clicked the link in a phishing email
  • See users who entered credentials into a phishing website
People receiving training

Train users immediately

Once a user falls for a phishing email and/or inputs their credentials into a phishing website, we will present the user with immediate security awareness guidance on what phishing is and how to avoid phishing attempts in the future.

Actionable Reporting

Actionable Reporting

Rhymetec’s phishing platform includes verbose reporting to provide you with the information necessary to show gradual improvements in your organization’s security posture. This is typically represented through a gradual decline in month- on-month phishing click rates.

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Do you try and get employees to click on a link?

Definitely! All of our Phishing tests can be customized in many ways, and we test on one of two methods. Who clicked the link and if they entered username\password.

Can we target specific people in our organization with phishing testing?

Certainly! Targeting specific people is actually how most successful phishing attacks work. Therefore, to best simulate an attack and get you the best results, we will work with you to target specific members or groups within your organization.

Can we make up our own phishing messages?

Yes! In fact, that’s standard in all of our Phishing Tests. In order to get the best results, and to properly simulate an attack, Rhymetec will work directly with you to craft your Phishing message.


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“Rhymetec has been an absolute lifesaver. Not only is our vCISO super knowledgeable about all things SOC2, but was an absolute delight to work with. There is no way we would have reached this point without our vCISO and Rhymetec’s help.”

D3Clarity, Inc. Operations Associate

“Rhymetec did an amazing job and we sailed through our ISO 27001 audit and SOC2 audit. Our vCISO has been great to work with.”

ContractSafe President

“Working with Rhymetec’s team is great. We use their vCISO program and work closely with a Cloud Compliance Analyst. The Rhymetec team is knowledgeable, responsive, and flexible. It is like having an additional team member to handle security and technical issues.”

ThinkIQ, Inc. Director of Operations

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