Virtual CISO: Flexible & Affordable vCISO Services

Hire a vCISO with years of experience in cloud security at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CISO in-house. Rhymetec’s custom vCISO services adapt to your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance needs and scale as you grow over time.

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Speed Up Your Security And Compliance Goals

We never want to force our clients into specific predefined options or pay a premium to tackle crucial tasks. Instead, we work collaboratively with our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions that best suit their requirements and aspirations by offering three different tiers of vCISO service:

  • Mentor: Security and compliance advisory services
  • Manager: Advisory and hands-on support
  • Executive: Fully-customized security and compliance
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How Our vCISO Services Work

Providing executive-level security leadership, a dedicated Rhymetec vCISO can assess your organization’s cyber risk, develop an internal InfoSec Program, and assist in the compliance and security needs that align with your business.

Here’s how our experts work as an extension of your team to make cybersecurity simple and secure.

Why Partner With Rhymetec?

We’ve built and continue to manage over 250 InfoSec programs and have decades of experience working with the most complex compliance regulations. Here are some of the reasons over 250 clients have improved their cybersecurity posture with Rhymetec.

  • Achieve compliance in months, not years
  • Top-tier vCISO support tailored specifically for your business
  • Dedicated security experts that act like part of your team
  • US-based cybersecurity professionals that work in-house
  • Uncapped hours, readily available, and 24/7 emergency support
  • Flexible, affordable pricing that delivers ROI

Security And Compliance Done For You, Built to Scale With You

Our goal is to reduce the complexities of cloud security and make cutting-edge cybersecurity services more accessible, so you can focus on other critical aspects of your organization. Our programs are designed for the modern-day SaaS business and are built around the future of technology, so programs are built to scale with your growing infrastructure. Your dedicated vCISO acts as an extension of your team—collaborating with and educating your people every step of the way to help develop a security-focused culture from early on.

Affordable vCISO Pricing.
Flexible Options.

Whether you need to implement specific compliance frameworks or introduce a complete cybersecurity solution, our vCISO pricing and options can deliver the exact level of support you need to move your business forward.


Rhymetec will advise on the necessary steps to achieve your security and compliance goals, and your team is responsible for acting on that feedback. This enables you and your team to achieve compliance at your own pace.

Starting at $2,500 a Month


Rhymetec will not only advise your team on how to reach your security and compliance goals but also act on our own advice, providing hands-on support so you can focus more on other critical aspects of your business.

Starting at $5,000 a Month


Rhymetec will provide a dedicated full-time security executive fully customized to meet your business needs and integrate with your internal systems. This decreases the time, risks, and costs associated with hiring a full-time CISO.

Custom Scoping Required

Virtual CISO
People working in the cloud

vCISO Case Studies

Businesses of all sizes rely on our services. View More >
A Year of Notable Growth Backed by Compliance

A challenge facing any company, regardless of size or maturity, is the ability to manage your workforce in times of rapid growth. When it comes to decision makers and executives, proper oversight of your people is necessary to maintain sustainable growth. How can you reduce attrition and hire faster, all while accomplishing your business goals?

How Knockri Spent an Hour a Week Achieving and Maintaining Compliance

Serving Next-Gen Software in a “Traditional” and Regulated Market: Being an AI company operating in the HR industry, Knockri faces unique challenges due to the intersection of advancing technology and a regulated market. The HR industry has been historically more cautious in adopting new technology.

Flexible Solutions Keeping Pace with Orum’s Rapid Growth

“It kind of is like my ‘security blanket.’ I am a team of one for security and I need support. Having the Rhymetec team to lean on, help me consider options, weigh the pros and cons for different assets around security, and have someone else to bounce ideas off of has been helpful.”- Said Orum’s Vice President of Security and Compliance

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When should companies hire a virtual CISO?

Companies typically consider hiring a vCISO when they lack in-house cybersecurity expertise, need to assess and reduce their cyber risk, are undergoing rapid digital transformation, or need to comply with evolving security and privacy requirements. Companies of all sizes can benefit from hiring a vCISO. Whether they need guidance or hands-on technical expertise to analyze their threat landscape and create security policies and practices, an enhanced information security program, compliance program, or cybersecurity plan that supports business objectives, or need to comply with evolving security and privacy requirements.

What is a Virtual CISO?

A vCISO, also known as a Virtual CISO or Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, is an experienced cybersecurity expert that supports organizations with security and compliance on a contractual basis. A vCISO provides strategic security strategy and guidance, risk assessment, compliance oversight, and expert-level cybersecurity expertise without the long-term commitment and costs of a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

How is the vCISO program billed?

The program is billed at a monthly fixed rate with an annual contract. We will quote you on the monthly rates and any monthly variances depending on framework implementation and maintenance. Questions on this billing structure and exact estimates can be discussed with our team.

Can my vCISO address Security Questionnaires or participate in stakeholder meetings?

Yes! With our Manager and Executive vCISO options, a dedicated Rhymetec vCISO from our expert security team can help you execute security questionnaires, participate in stakeholder meetings, and liaise with your executive team.

Can a vCISO help us get compliant with SOC 2, ISO 27001 or other cybersecurity and data privacy frameworks?

Yes! Our security professionals are at your service with years of experience working with the most complex compliance regulations. We’ll make sure that your security and privacy program meets and exceeds industry requirements. We use cutting-edge technology to build and manage our clients’ cybersecurity infrastructures. Rhymetec remains vendor-agnostic, which allows us to have expertise on a broad range of cybersecurity tools rather than utilizing legacy systems.

What does a vCISO do?

A Rhymetec vCISO is your dedicated security resource that assists you in developing and maintaining a compliant and effective infosec program that is unique to your organization and security needs. Your vCISO will advise you on the necessary steps to improve your security posture, and also execute on their own advice within your environment so you can focus on other critical aspects of growing your business.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“For any companies going through the SOC 2 compliance process, Rhymetec should be a required resource. They combine expert knowledge with a low-effort service model that doesn’t tie up our team’s capacity. I’d recommend Rhymetec to anyone.”

Cartful CEO

“We went from zero to ISO 27001 and SOC 2, Type 2 in a much shorter time than anyone else was telling us. Rhymetec worked with me to get our organization the security certifications it needed and I will always be grateful for their professionalism and support because their help solved a very real business problem for us.”

Tenjin VP

“Rhymetec helped us to become ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant in 1/3 time we were expecting. As an early stage B2B startup, this allowed us to go after enterprise customers months ahead of schedule and got us to become more competitive vs the established players.”

Agentnoon CTO & Cofounder

“Rhymetec has been an absolute lifesaver. Not only is our vCISO super knowledgeable about all things SOC2, but was an absolute delight to work with. There is no way we would have reached this point without our vCISO and Rhymetec’s help.”

D3Clarity, Inc. Operations Associate

“Working with Rhymetec’s team is great. We use their vCISO program and work closely with a Cloud Compliance Analyst. The Rhymetec team is knowledgeable, responsive, and flexible. It is like having an additional team member to handle security and technical issues.”

ThinkIQ, Inc. Director of Operations

Fast-forward your cybersecurity, compliance and data privacy programs.