Flexible Solutions Keeping Pace with Orum’s Rapid Growth

  • Industry: Sales Tech
  • Services and Frameworks: vCISO, SOC 2, ISO 27001

Location: Austin, TX | Remote
Date Founded: 2018
Number of Employees: 150+
Working with Rhymetec: Since January 2022

The Company: Powering Millions of Connections and Conversations

Sales leaders nationwide are calling Orum mission-critical to their success, trusting them to power millions of connections. Orum’s state-of-the-art dialing technology leverages AI to accelerate the manual process of outbound calling, saving reps time to focus on what matters – having better conversations with prospects and closing more deals.

Orum is a live-conversations platform empowering sales reps to achieve more over the phone. By automating the manual process of calling, Orum enables sales teams to have more conversations and increase pipeline. 

Orum’s AI-powered platform seamlessly integrates with an organization’s CRM to update outbound tasks based on call outcomes. This increases a team’s efficiency, giving them more time for prospecting, coaching, and mastering their craft. Orum has also taken security and compliance seriously since day one, ensuring that all client data is protected according to industry regulations and standards.

The Challenge: Finding Flexible Solutions and Expert Knowledge 

In order to power Orum’s platform, clients are required to share their CRM data. Although there is a level of PII involved that’s not sensitive, there are many privacy laws in place to protect that data and stringent requirements from clients to implement this software into their daily operations. 

On top of this needed expert guidance to adhere to privacy laws and assist in client security questionnaire fulfillment; compliance was the piece of the puzzle that would enable further momentum in Orum’s growth. Achieving SOC 2 Type 1 provided Orum with a compliance baseline. Having a flexible person to help them achieve and maintain compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 would alleviate concerns from additional stakeholders to open new opportunities. Further down the timeline, Orum’s next steps were to achieve ISO compliance to support international growth.

With a full-time security expert already in place, the challenge was finding an adaptive security co-pilot who would be more part-time in maintenance and full-time in critical periods like audit windows. Plus, they needed the appropriate level of expertise to act as a sounding board for justifying business decisions regarding security and compliance. 

The Solution: Security and Compliance Glass Slipper for Orum

Orum already had clear goals with a full-time in-house security and compliance expert. Their business was moving fast, and they needed someone to move fast with them. Rhymetec’s vCISO services provided Orum’s team with that happy medium of full-time and part-time support on an “as-needed” basis based on where they were in their security and compliance journey. It also provided the ideal solution to assist their full-time security personnel by providing essential security services to help them continue to build trust with their community, making it unnecessary to hire more workforce internally.


“It kind of is like my ‘security blanket.’ I am a team of one for security and I need support. Having the Rhymetec team to lean on, help me consider options, weigh the pros and cons for different assets around security, and have someone else to bounce ideas off of has been helpful. Also, helping me stay on track and act as a copilot to help manage and navigate those decisions are all things that are essential to me. Without it, I would have to go out and hire more people, and the vCISO essentially cuts out the workforce I would need to hire full-time.” Said Rolland, Orum’s Vice President of Security and Compliance.

Due to the flexibility of Rhymetec’s vCISO, the program provided a glass slipper solution that could be perfectly tailored to Orum’s unique needs and requirements in a way that wouldn’t slow down or strain the business. Rhymetec’s vCISO helped the team achieve and maintain compliance while also addressing client security questions.

The Results: Keeping the Pace for Continued Growth for Orum

Orum wanted to open more doors with enterprise-level and international businesses. Achieving compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 alleviated pressure on the sales team by receiving less frequent security questionnaires, which would help speed up the sales process. When it came to larger clients, they still had strict security measures in place that would require Orum to fulfill questions based on their needs, but having SOC 2 is what allowed them to have those conversations in the first place. Achieving and maintaining this framework helped them open new doors nationwide to a larger client base and provided a foundation for their team to achieve ISO 27001, enabling them to grow internationally.

A Rhymetec vCISO provided a convenient and cost-effective solution for the Orum team. Their CTO enjoyed working one-on-one with Rhymetec’s Cloud Security expert to solve business issues and work at a pace that wouldn’t hinder their growth. It would cost the company more money and time to hire a full-time person. In contrast, Rhymetec simplifies security and compliance by addressing priorities and advising on the needed security services.


“We were moving fast, and I needed someone to move fast with me. Leveraging your services has helped me speed up, not slow down.”

– Rolland Miller, Vice President of Security and Compliance, Orum