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What is the importance of an ISO Internal Audit?

An Internal Audit is required by ISO 27001. The audit reports will check the compliance level of your implemented management system and demonstrate whether it needs to be further improved. Internal auditing is a constructive tool that you can use to achieve international compliance with ISO regulations while accomplishing efficient performance. Routine internal auditing will help your business sustain ISO certification and emerge as a competitive player within your respective industry.

How long does an ISO Internal Audit take?

The audit can take approximately 4-6 hours and is dependent on customer’s availability. After the audit is completed, the report should be generated and delivered within 10-14 days of the execution of the Internal Audit.

How much does an ISO Internal Audit Cost?

An ISO Internal Audit with Rhymetec starts at $3,750 and is dependent on company size.

How can I prepare for my ISO Internal Audit?

Our experts will provide you with a full list of the necessary items required to prepare for your ISO Internal Audit including: Confirmation of ISO frameworks, ISMS documentation, a list of each team member and their title who will be joining the ISO Internal Audit, and more. Please connect with our team for guidance and a full list of requirements.

What is the difference between a Web Application Penetration Test and a Vulnerability Scan?

Vulnerability scans will highlight known weaknesses in a web application. At the same time, a penetration test will show how well existing defenses will hold up against a real-world attack by a cybercriminal.

How long does a Web Application Penetration Test take?

Almost all of our Penetration Tests take approximately one week for initial testing. Upon notification of critical findings coupled with an executive presentation of initial findings, plus details for remediation, our team will execute a retest at no additional cost to you.

What does a Web Application Penetration Test entail?

Rhymetec’s team of dedicated security specialists will customize the breadth and depth of testing based upon the cloud deployment and service model of the application and architecture. Utilizing both automated dynamic analysis and heavy manual penetration testing, the assessment tests for vulnerabilities in the user facing web application interface to ensure they are not vulnerable to the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) Top Ten recommendations for web application security.

Who needs a Web Application Penetration Test?

A Web Application Penetration Testing service is an integral tool that organizations can use to ensure their cybersecurity implementation is effective. Any organization concerned about their overall cybersecurity risks or needs to meet certain compliance mandates for their web application should consult on executing annual or even bi-annual Web Application Penetration Tests.

Why choose a Rhymetec Mobile Application Penetration Test?

With a Rhymetec Mobile Application Penetration Test, thorough communication and reporting is our goal so you can effectively address all vulnerabilities to protect your data and other business assets. All findings are reviewed before being added to your executive report so your team has a detailed understanding of findings. Plus, you have direct contact with the penetration testers throughout the process for any inquiries. Our testers focus heavily on manual testing over automated, so processes are unique to your business and needs.

How long does a Mobile Application Penetration Test take?

Almost all of our Penetration Tests take approximately one week for initial testing. Upon notification of critical findings coupled with an executive presentation of initial findings, our team will provide an overall risk matrix for further action.

What does a Mobile Application Penetration Test entail?

A Mobile Application Penetration Test will provide a comprehensive analysis of the security features of the application and back-end components. This analysis will identify key areas within the application where security can be improved.

Who needs a Mobile Application Penetration Test?

All businesses that use mobile applications within their organization should implement regular mobile application penetration testing in their security practices to ensure proactive data protection of sensitive computer systems and corporate data assets.

Who needs an External Network Penetration Test?

Any network connected to the internet should test its network security through vulnerability scanning and network penetration testing.

How long does an External Network Penetration Test take?

Almost all of our Penetration Tests take approximately one week for initial testing. Upon notification of critical findings coupled with an executive presentation of initial findings, plus details for remediation, our team will execute a retest at no additional cost to you.

What does an API Penetration Test entail?

External Network Penetration Testing is an internal or external test used to identify vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of an organization’s network such as the firewall, routers, servers, etc. An External Network Penetration Test includes: Scans of TCP/UDP ports, enumerating services and configurations , evaluation of authentication and encryption mechanisms, and attempts to exploit any vulnerabilities found, with the ultimate goal of attempting to gain access systems.

What is an External Network Penetration Test?

An External Network Penetration Test is designed to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in hosts accessible via the Internet. Your pen test team acts as an attacker on the open Internet and attempts to breach those web-facing assets you have by identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Why is an API Penetration Test important?

Poorly secured APIs allow attackers to exploit not only the API itself, but any and every application associated with it. Our goal is to find gaps before an internal or external hacker does, and report them to strengthen the API and prevent unauthorized access or data breaches across your systems and applications.

How long does an API Penetration Test take?

Almost all of our API Penetration Tests take approximately one week for initial testing. Upon notification of critical findings coupled with an executive presentation of initial findings, plus details for remediation, our team will execute a retest at no additional cost to you.

What does an API Penetration Test entail?

For each type of API endpoint, our security experts will fully review any documentation and examine all the requests, headers, and parameters. We will also consider your industry and gather additional information about infrastructure and the full software stack. While malicious actors can determine these details with enough time and energy, we request this level of detailed information specific about your environment because the more we know about your API methods, the better value we can give you on your API security testing engagement.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a data exchange used by web applications to transfer information between systems. APIs are used by programmers in mobile applications and web applications.

Are Pen Tests Automated or Manual?

Although there is little automation in our Rhymetec Penetration Test, we rely heavily on manual testing to provide the most accurate and impactful results that are unique to your business. Plus, we provide custom reports—to communicate any of our findings—that are easy to understand and present to your executive teams.

What type of Penetration Tests do you offer?

Rhymetec offers API Penetration Tests, External Network Penetration Tests, Mobile App Penetration Tests and Web Application Penetration Tests. Plus, we are newly offering phishing and PCI scans. Contact our team to learn more.

How soon can I schedule a Penetration Test?

Due to the high-demand of a Rhymetec Penetration Test, and the necessary preparation and assessment needed to properly execute on our services, we typically ask our clients to schedule their Penetration Test within 2-6 weeks at a minimum. However, we understand that some client needs are immediate and would still accept consultations to confirm any last-minute openings and availability.

How much does a Penetration Test Cost?

Penetration testing costs can vary significantly depending on multiple variables like network IP addresses, API endpoints, number of applications, complexity of applications and more. Accounting for these variables, our team works diligently to match the scope details with the security needs of your organization. Our pricing is extremely competitive compared to other Pen Test service providers in the market, and we would be happy to provide a custom quote.

How is the vCISO program billed?

The program is billed at a monthly fixed rate with an annual contract. We will quote you on the monthly rates and any monthly variances depending on framework implementation and maintenance. Questions on this billing structure and exact estimates can be discussed with our team.

Can my vCISO address Security Questionnaires or participate in stakeholder meetings?

Yes! With our Manager and Executive vCISO options, a dedicated Rhymetec vCISO from our expert security team can help you execute security questionnaires, participate in stakeholder meetings, and liaise with your executive team.

Can a vCISO help us get compliant with SOC 2, ISO 27001 or other cybersecurity and data privacy frameworks?

Yes! Our security professionals are at your service with years of experience working with the most complex compliance regulations. We’ll make sure that your security and privacy program meets and exceeds industry requirements. We use cutting-edge technology to build and manage our clients’ cybersecurity infrastructures. Rhymetec remains vendor-agnostic, which allows us to have expertise on a broad range of cybersecurity tools rather than utilizing legacy systems.

What does a vCISO do?

A Rhymetec vCISO is your dedicated security resource that assists you in developing and maintaining a compliant and effective infosec program that is unique to your organization and security needs. Your vCISO will advise you on the necessary steps to improve your security posture, and also execute on their own advice within your environment so you can focus on other critical aspects of growing your business.

What does Rhymetec do?

We are leaders and innovators in cloud security, providing customized cybersecurity, compliance and data privacy solutions that are unique to your business based on your industry, needs and goals. We not only consult, but act on our own advice to provide the necessary services to help you establish, improve or maintain a strong security posture—most cybersecurity organizations offer one or the other.

What services does Rhymetec offer?

We act as a one-stop solution provider to fulfill all compliance, cybersecurity and data privacy needs so you don’t have to worry about connecting the dots with a number of contractors and auditors. Our single services include Penetration Testing, Phishing and PCI Scans, and ISO Internal Audits. For a more in-depth solution and compliance readiness, our vCISO service provides a dedicated security resource to your team that would help implement and manage an effective and compliant information security program.

Can Rhymetec assist with our compliance efforts?

Yes! Our goal is to get you compliant in a much shorter time frame (months, not years). Not only will we help you implement and manage the necessary standards to meet compliance frameworks, but we will also provide support in maintaining these standards so you have security programs that scale with your growing infrastructure.

What are the costs of Rhymetec’s Services?

There are a variety of factors that go into our pricing including company size, scope of work, complexity of cloud infrastructure and more. Our team can provide timely and accurate estimates by understanding your needs through a quick discovery call.