We are an industry leader in cloud security services, helping SaaS (Software as a Service) based organizations build and manage more effective and compliant information security programs.

Rhymetec NYC Office
  • 2015 - Rhymetec was founded in NYC as a penetration testing company
  • 2017 - Focused services primarily on pen testing and vCISO services to SaaS businesses
  • 2018 - Rhymetec exceeded the 100 customers mark in the SaaS and Startup market
  • 2019 - Rhymetec doubled its customer base with rapid growth in cloud-based businesses
  • 2021 - Rhymetec was recognized as an industry leader for SaaS security Services

About us

We are an industry leader in cloud security, providing innovative and affordable cybersecurity and data privacy services to the modern-day SaaS business. At Rhymetec we build, deploy and manage compliant infosec and data privacy programs directly within our customers’ unique environments, allowing them to focus on their core competencies within their business.

Team work

Our Brand

We’re forward-thinkers and are building our client’s infosec programs around the future of technology so they can have security that scales with their business. Our logo is meant to represent a forward arrow, with the change in colors representing transition. Although the world of cloud computing is ever-evolving, we work with you to cut out those complexities so you can focus on other critical aspects of moving your business forward.

Our security professionals are at your service with years of experience working with the most complex compliance regulations among a diverse set of industries. This allows us to offer dynamic services that align with your needs, and help you reach your goals in less time, so you can fast-forward your compliance, cybersecurity and data privacy programs.

Check markWhat we do:

  • Develop secure, effective and compliant infosec and data privacy programs for the modern SaaS business.
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to get you secure and compliant quickly.
  • Examine your current infrastructure and systems for vulnerabilities, and design solutions to fit your company’s unique infrastructure.
  • Consult and provide the services needed to protect customer data and keep your organization compliant.

X iconWhat we DON'T do:

  • Rely on out-of-date, standard responses to cyberthreats.
  • Outsource any of our services and solutions.
  • Treat our security programs as a blanket “one-size-fits-all” solution.
  • Encourage you to implement services or frameworks that don’t align with your business needs and goals when it comes to security and compliance.
  • Leave you guessing on strategies to achieve and maintain compliance and build a resilient infosec program.

Fast-forward your cybersecurity, compliance and data privacy programs.