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Web applications play an important role in today’s businesses, but are also vulnerable to security and compliance risks by increasing the attack surface.

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Identify and Correct Vulnerabilities

A compromised app can result in stolen session IDs, account information theft, data breaches, and malicious code being implanted on websites. Test the security state of your applications, whether developed in-house or by third parties. The assessment can help organizations identify and correct vulnerabilities to protect from harmful attacks, and should be used as part of an ongoing strategy to support the organization’s software development lifecycle.

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Web Application Penetration Testing Phases

Our Penetration Testers execute a thorough, well thought out project that consists of several phases

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Benefits of a Web App Pen Test

  • Gain a detailed view of security weaknesses to better protect systems and data from attack
  • Discover the information that systems are leaking
  • Mitigate critical vulnerabilities before an attacker can gain access
  • Allow your developers to focus on other issues and to meet deadlines
  • Meet compliance requirements faster and more efficiently
Web App Pen Test

Effective Reporting for Swift Remediation

We understand every environment is unique and don’t believe a standard test is effective for all, that’s why we focus heavily on manual testing over automated tools. Our penetration testing team will review all findings with you before being added to a report, and will go the extra mile to retest at no cost. Throughout the engagement, you will have direct communication to the pen tester for any inquiries.

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What to Expect

The assessment tests for vulnerabilities in the user facing web application interface to ensure they are not vulnerable to the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) Top Ten recommendations for web application security. Recommendations for strengthening the application posture to reduce the possibility of exploits by an attacker and analysis of those vulnerabilities are found.

The assessment results include:

  • Immediate notification of critical findings
  • Executive Presentation of initial findings
  • Detailed Findings and Remediation
  • Retesting of initial findings
  • A final report with updated findings
  • Final and Executive Summary

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What is the difference between a Web Application Penetration Test and a Vulnerability Scan?

Vulnerability scans will highlight known weaknesses in a web application. At the same time, a penetration test will show how well existing defenses will hold up against a real-world attack by a cybercriminal.

How long does a Web Application Penetration Test take?

Almost all of our Penetration Tests take approximately one week for initial testing. Upon notification of critical findings coupled with an executive presentation of initial findings, plus details for remediation, our team will execute a retest at no additional cost to you.

What does a Web Application Penetration Test entail?

Rhymetec’s team of dedicated security specialists will customize the breadth and depth of testing based upon the cloud deployment and service model of the application and architecture. Utilizing both automated dynamic analysis and heavy manual penetration testing, the assessment tests for vulnerabilities in the user facing web application interface to ensure they are not vulnerable to the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) Top Ten recommendations for web application security.

Who needs a Web Application Penetration Test?

A Web Application Penetration Testing service is an integral tool that organizations can use to ensure their cybersecurity implementation is effective. Any organization concerned about their overall cybersecurity risks or needs to meet certain compliance mandates for their web application should consult on executing annual or even bi-annual Web Application Penetration Tests.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“The testing was very thorough and complete. Communication and feedback afterwards was easy to understand and very fast. We were able to quickly identify and fix all of the issues that were brought up and the team was able to verify the fixes without issue.”

Graphium Health Senior Application Architect

“The team at Rhymetec was incredibly easy to work with from start to finish. They were able to accommodate our extended Penetration Testing schedule for remediation and retesting. And the ability to communicate directly with the testers via Slack was a time saver and enormously helpful.”

Fond Technologies, Inc. Principal Software Architect

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