External NetworkPenetration Test

Your perimeter network is the public face of your organization, and an unprotected network can result in unauthorized access to hackers and an abundance of potential security risks.

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Identify vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of your network

An External Network Penetration Testing simulates a real-world attack on your external network infrastructure including networks, systems, hosts, and network devices. Our experts will assess your organization’s network and prepare a report detailing your areas of risk, and providing a roadmap detailing opportunities for improvement.

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External Network Penetration Testing Phases

Our Penetration Testers execute a thorough, well thought out project that consists of several phases

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Penetration Test Includes:

  • Scope of testing
  • Precise descriptions of vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations for remediation
  • Examples of how vulnerabilities can be exploited
External Network Penetration Test

External Network Pen Test Benefits

  • Identify any existing security risks within your organization, and arrange these risks according to their severity or importance.
  • Reveal weaknesses across business operations that could be found within your technology stack deployed to the outside world.
  • Assess your ability to respond to, and remediate, threats.
  • Maintain business continuity through penetration testing insights.
  • Build trust with customers, improving your organization’s relationships and reputation.
  • Comply with any applicable regulations and certifications your business must adhere to in order to meet monitoring requirements and avoid penalties.
  • Reveal evolving hacking methods so your organization is aware of the security developments required to prevent such attacks.

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Who needs an External Network Penetration Test?

Any network connected to the internet should test its network security through vulnerability scanning and network penetration testing.

How long does an External Network Penetration Test take?

Almost all of our Penetration Tests take approximately one week for initial testing. Upon notification of critical findings coupled with an executive presentation of initial findings, plus details for remediation, our team will execute a retest at no additional cost to you.

What does an API Penetration Test entail?

External Network Penetration Testing is an internal or external test used to identify vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of an organization’s network such as the firewall, routers, servers, etc. An External Network Penetration Test includes: Scans of TCP/UDP ports, enumerating services and configurations , evaluation of authentication and encryption mechanisms, and attempts to exploit any vulnerabilities found, with the ultimate goal of attempting to gain access systems.

What is an External Network Penetration Test?

An External Network Penetration Test is designed to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in hosts accessible via the Internet. Your pen test team acts as an attacker on the open Internet and attempts to breach those web-facing assets you have by identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“The testing was very thorough and complete. Communication and feedback afterwards was easy to understand and very fast. We were able to quickly identify and fix all of the issues that were brought up and the team was able to verify the fixes without issue.”

Graphium Health Senior Application Architect

“The team at Rhymetec was incredibly easy to work with from start to finish. They were able to accommodate our extended Penetration Testing schedule for remediation and retesting. And the ability to communicate directly with the testers via Slack was a time saver and enormously helpful.”

Fond Technologies, Inc. Principal Software Architect

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