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Our experts act as an extension to your team to make cybersecurity simple and secure so you can future-proof your information security program

Streamline Compliance

Have a dedicated security resource unique to your business with a vCISO

Evaluate Your Security

Test the robustness of your infosec program and get compliance ready

Virtual CISO

Rhymetec will develop and manage an internal information security and data privacy program, providing executive-level security leadership through one of our vCISOs.

Get next-level security >
Penetration Testing

Identify security vulnerabilities and test the robustness of your information security program through a systematic testing process.

Identify exploitable issues >
ISO Internal Audit

Evaluate your organization’s information security policies and processes to determine your level of compliance with ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 and 9001.

Become ISO audit ready >
Compliance icon
Compliance Readiness & Maintenance

Looking to achieve or maintain compliance standards? Reduce the complexities of your compliance journey and accomplish your goals in a much shorter timeframe.

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Phishing Testing & Training

Help your employees develop the skills and knowledge needed to spot and avoid phishing attempts and protect personal and company data with simulated phishing exercises.

Prepare your people >
PCI Compliance Scan
PCI Compliance Scans

Our security experts will run vulnerability scans to identify issues and maintain PCI Compliance as documented in PCI DSS Requirements 11.2.2.

Mitigate PCI DSS Risks >
Case Study

Case Studies

Businesses of all sizes rely on our services.
A Year of Notable Growth Backed by Compliance

A challenge facing any company, regardless of size or maturity, is the ability to manage your workforce in times of rapid growth. When it comes to decision makers and executives, proper oversight of your people is necessary to maintain sustainable growth. How can you reduce attrition and hire faster, all while accomplishing your business goals?

Peace of Mind and a Sound Security Foundation

The team at D3Clarity considers themselves data and cloud evangelists because they believe data drives profitability and helps organizations evolve. They provide turnkey data and cloud solutions that deliver rapid business value with measurable results. They make data and infrastructure high in quality and trustworthy by ensuring their clients have proven systems and processes that result in having the certainty, security, and trust needed to grow their business.

How Solvvy scales and secures with Rhymetec and Vanta

Solvvy is a next-gen chatbot platform founded with the mission to reduce the level of human effort within the support industry—reinventing the customer experience for a more valuable and satisfying support environment. Solvvy serves between the end user and their client’s support team. They help answer any questions that the end users may have, reducing the dependency on human intervention.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“For any companies going through the SOC 2 compliance process, Rhymetec should be a required resource. They combine expert knowledge with a low-effort service model that doesn’t tie up our team’s capacity. I’d recommend Rhymetec to anyone.”

Cartful CEO

“We went from zero to ISO 27001 and SOC 2, Type 2 in a much shorter time than anyone else was telling us. Rhymetec worked with me to get our organization the security certifications it needed and I will always be grateful for their professionalism and support because their help solved a very real business problem for us.”

Tenjin VP

“Rhymetec helped us to become ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant in 1/3 time we were expecting. As an early stage B2B startup, this allowed us to go after enterprise customers months ahead of schedule and got us to become more competitive vs the established players.”

Agentnoon CTO & Cofounder

“The testing was very thorough and complete. Communication and feedback afterwards was easy to understand and very fast. We were able to quickly identify and fix all of the issues that were brought up and the team was able to verify the fixes without issue.”

Graphium Health Senior Application Architect

“The team at Rhymetec was incredibly easy to work with from start to finish. They were able to accommodate our extended Penetration Testing schedule for remediation and retesting. And the ability to communicate directly with the testers via Slack was a time saver and enormously helpful.”

Fond Technologies, Inc. Principal Software Architect

“We engaged with Rhymetec to complete our first ISO 27001 internal audit. They executed a very efficient engagement and helped us through the process. They produced quality deliverables within the timelines promised.”

mTuitive Inc. CISO

“Rhymetec was very professional and helpful. They made it easy to schedule the ISO Internal Audit, the response was clear and helpful. I’ll definitely be working with them again in the future!”

PlaybookUX CEO

“Rhymetec has been an absolute lifesaver. Not only is our vCISO super knowledgeable about all things SOC2, but was an absolute delight to work with. There is no way we would have reached this point without our vCISO and Rhymetec’s help.”

D3Clarity, Inc. Operations Associate

“Rhymetec did an amazing job and we sailed through our ISO 27001 audit and SOC2 audit. Our vCISO has been great to work with.”

ContractSafe President

“Working with Rhymetec’s team is great. We use their vCISO program and work closely with a Cloud Compliance Analyst. The Rhymetec team is knowledgeable, responsive, and flexible. It is like having an additional team member to handle security and technical issues.”

ThinkIQ, Inc. Director of Operations

About Us

We help you move your business forward

Our mission is to reduce the complexities of cloud security and make cutting-edge cybersecurity services available to businesses of all sizes and maturity, so you can focus more on other critical aspects of your business. We pride ourselves on being disruptors in the cybersecurity consulting space by acting on our own advice. We not only consult you on how you can meet your security goals, but we provide the services to help you get there too.

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What does Rhymetec do?

We are leaders and innovators in cloud security, providing customized cybersecurity, compliance and data privacy solutions that are unique to your business based on your industry, needs and goals. We not only consult, but act on our own advice to provide the necessary services to help you establish, improve or maintain a strong security posture—most cybersecurity organizations offer one or the other.

What services does Rhymetec offer?

We act as a one-stop solution provider to fulfill all compliance, cybersecurity and data privacy needs so you don’t have to worry about connecting the dots with a number of contractors and auditors. Our single services include Penetration Testing, Phishing and PCI Scans, and ISO Internal Audits. For a more in-depth solution and compliance readiness, our vCISO service provides a dedicated security resource to your team that would help implement and manage an effective and compliant information security program.

Can Rhymetec assist with our compliance efforts?

Yes! Our goal is to get you compliant in a much shorter time frame (months, not years). Not only will we help you implement and manage the necessary standards to meet compliance frameworks, but we will also provide support in maintaining these standards so you have security programs that scale with your growing infrastructure.

What are the costs of Rhymetec’s Services?

There are a variety of factors that go into our pricing including company size, scope of work, complexity of cloud infrastructure and more. Our team can provide timely and accurate estimates by understanding your needs through a quick discovery call.

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In everything we do, we’re always looking towards the future. We want employees to enjoy what they do daily, and offer competitive benefits to achieve the most productive work environments for all. At Rhymetec you are more than just a number—you are part of a team that’s working to build towards the future of cloud-security, protecting businesses and consumers globally.

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