Meet the Team: Jeremy Castellanos


Meet Jeremy!

Hi there! I’m Jeremy Castellanos, a Senior Cloud Compliance Analyst at Rhymetec. I have worked in the technology industry for over eleven and a half years in many different sectors, such as security, education, healthcare, and general managed services. Building my skills and experience over a broad spectrum has allowed me to work in a lot of different environments, and I am always up to the challenge of learning something new. In my free time, I enjoy PC gaming, working around the house, exploring my home state of Oregon, and spending time with my lovely wife DeeJay.

Tell us a surprising fact about yourself…

Before entering the tech industry, I worked as an automotive repair technician for a large brand.

Tell us about your role at Rhymetec…

Working as a Senior Cloud Compliance Analyst allows me to interact with a large number of diverse and unique clients on their paths to compliance. I enjoy the exposure to different industries and styles of business which has enabled me to grow my acumen.

Why did you pursue a career in the cybersecurity industry?

After a decade in IT support, I found myself ready to take on a new challenge and cybersecurity was the next logical step. 

What is the best advice you have ever received?

If you’re going to do something in life, go hard, put in the maximum effort you can, and always end your day being proud of what you accomplished, even if it didn’t go exactly as you planned.

From a security or compliance perspective, what advice would you give to a potential client or SaaS business?

Remember to approach any new compliance project with commitment, engagement, and an open mind.


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