Press Release: Rhymetec Introduces New Tiered vCISO Service Offerings

Rhymetec Introduces New Tiered vCISO Service Offerings Customized to Client’s Unique Needs

(NEW YORK — August 15, 2023) –

Rhymetec, the industry leader in cloud security that provides innovative cybersecurity, compliance, and data privacy services to modern-day SaaS businesses, today announces three new virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) service offerings that have been meticulously designed to align with the unique security requirements of SaaS companies.

“We are excited to introduce our new tiered vCISO service offerings, which are specifically designed to cater to our clients’ unique needs,” said Justin Rende, CEO and founder of Rhymetec. “At Rhymetec, we understand the importance of customized solutions in today’s cybersecurity landscape. These new offerings provide peace of mind and enable our clients to focus on their core business, knowing that their cybersecurity needs are in expert hands.”

Rhymetec’s three new vCISO service tiers provide a dedicated vCISO expert assisting each client in their security objectives and requirements. The new tiers, Mentor, Manager, and Executive, increase in sequence with the level of hands-on support and implementation needed and offer SaaS businesses the right security solution that fits their current business needs and budgets.

Rhymetec Service Tier Descriptions: Mentor, Manager and Executive

“Rhymetec distinguishes itself by maintaining an in-house team of vCISOs based in the United States, refraining from outsourcing these critical services to contractors which is a departure from the norm,” said Metin Kortak, CTO of Rhymetec.  “By doing so, Rhymetec ensures that clients receive the utmost expertise and dedicated support from their own cybersecurity experts.”

These new vCISO offerings enable Rhymetec’s employees to assist clients in achieving their security and compliance objectives in a customized, scalable manner. The new tiers provide a comprehensive way for clients to achieve security frameworks combined with strategic business security strategies. As a result, Rhymetec ensures clients are equipped with well-rounded options for enhanced security and compliance measures.

“Rhymetec’s vCISO offering essentially cuts out the workforce I would need to hire full-time,” said Rolland Miller, vice president of security and compliance at Orum. “Having the Rhymetec team to lean on and help me consider and weigh the pros and cons for different security assets has been helpful.”

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Rhymetec is an industry leader in cloud security, providing innovative cybersecurity and data privacy services to the modern-day SaaS business. The company builds, deploys and manages compliant information security and data privacy programs directly within their clients’ unique environments, allowing them to focus on their core competencies within their business. Over the years, Rhymetec’s services have grown to include a vCISO (Virtual CISO) program, ISO Internal Audits, a variety of Penetration Testing services, ASV Scans for PCI Compliance, and Phishing Testing and Training services. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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