Network Penetration Testing

Your network is the backbone of your productivity and connectivity testing reveals insights to better protect against threats and resolve vulnerabilities that could result in a catastrophic security incident.

I What is Network Penetration Testing
A network penetration test simulates a real-world attack on your network infrastructure, including networks, systems, hosts, and network devices.

Our team replicates the techniques, processes, technologies and determination of a hacker this creates a comprehensive understanding of your network security architecture and stance, revealing any vulnerabilities in the process.

Armed with insights into your network’s capabilities and vulnerabilities, along with our mitigation recommendations, you can make more informed decisions about your security requirements and necessary adjustments. Network penetration testing from Rhymetec allows you to:

Understand and improve data security
Protect customers and partners
Avoid costly incidents
Manage risk
Achieve compliance goals.



I Why It’s A Good Idea
A network penetration test will help you gain valuable insight into the security posture of the in-scope assets and be able to fix them before hackers are able to cause serious damage by exploiting them.
I How we do it

Our team conducts network penetration testing according to a strictly staged and monitored process that protects your data assets from any real harm while providing a complete understanding of how an actual threat could result in penetration and damages. Methods developed by the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF) provide a framework and are enhanced based on your organization’s needs:

Active and passive reconnaissance. The discovery process audits all accessible networks, systems, hosts and network devices, for a complete “map” of your network resources.

Threat modeling. Automated scans provide a foundation for understanding your network security, while precise manual testing techniques determine how exposed you are to common and emergent threats.

Vulnerability analysis. We fully document all analytics and the attack plan, so there’s a basis for a complete understanding of the process and results.

Exploitation. We set loose our team and they utilize the same vulnerabilities and exploits that a real-world attacker would use to penetrate your system, but without causing any harm.

Reporting. Your tester provides a complete report of methods, processes, results, and recommendations. Data allows your stakeholders to make the best decisions about solutions.



I Deliverables from Rhymetec
Our team is dedicated to delivering premium-tier service for your IT security needs, from comprehensive vulnerability assessment, to fully itemized reports that provide information regarding methodology, findings, potential mitigations, and our recommendations.


Rhymetec specializes in enabling meaningful, real world solutions to the most pressing challenges of the modern enterprise security environment. Assessment and reporting is contextualized to your business sector, and custom-tailored to your specific environment. Our team delivers: 

1- A comprehensive report from your Rhymetec tester that includes relevant data and practical insights into your systems, technologies, and environment. We do not use automation for these insights, you receive the benefit of genuine professional analysis and recommendations.

2- Reporting includes not just our findings, but also the methods deployed. This approach adds value by providing you with insights into technology improvement opportunities, as well as an understanding of how you can maximize your team’s capabilities.


Our process is engineered to provide all the data and insights needed for you to make informed decisions and take definitive action.