Peace of Mind for D3Clarity and a Sound Security Foundation

  • Industry: IT Consulting
  • Services and Frameworks: vCISO, SOC 2, Penetration Test

The Company: Helping organizations establish digital certainty, security, and trust

The team at D3Clarity considers themselves data and cloud evangelists because they believe data drives profitability and helps organizations evolve. They provide turnkey data and cloud solutions that deliver rapid business value with measurable results. They make data and infrastructure high in quality and trustworthy by ensuring their clients have proven systems and processes that result in having the certainty, security, and trust needed to grow their business.

The Challenge: A balancing act with growth, technology, and compliance

Like almost every IT organization—and especially with smaller organizations and startups—challenges come in twofold. You’re trying to maintain daily business operations and factor in the ever-evolving environment that is IT. Evolving with industry changes, economic times, and technological advancements is an ongoing issue when operating an IT Consulting focused organization. Now add compliance to the mix; how can you carefully balance each of these internally?

When it came to scaling their business and the changing IT landscape, although they are considered “challenges,” these were all factors the D3Clarity team was well-equipped to tackle. They pride themselves on not getting stuck in the mud and doing things the same way. Instead, they try to learn modern advancements as quickly as they can. Compliance was an entirely new factor added to the mix that their team was less familiar with and had limited bandwidth to tackle. Plus, they needed a resource to parallel their compliance efforts with the evolving IT landscape and their growing business.

The Solution: Finding a resource to guide their SOC 2 journey

Security was always a part of their core offer. Still, SOC 2 compliance would help them prove their security compliance, meet the needs of existing and future clients, and provide them with a framework to be even more secure and diligent than ever before. 

After starting their journey by working with a compliance automation platform, the team ran into the same concerns. Automation was convenient in their journey, but they still needed more time and resources to execute all the intricacies of reaching the finish line for SOC 2 compliance. 

Rhymetec’s vCISO services provided the needed resources to help with their internal controls to meet SOC 2 compliance. It also offered security leadership and expertise to help bring their infosec program to new heights. Plus, they were able to solidify these efforts and the security of their offerings through Rhymetec’s Penetration Testing Services

The Results: Peace of mind with a solid security foundation

With Rhymetec’s vCISO and Penetration testing services, the D3Clarity team has an added sense of security and dependability. With everything they do, Rhymetec has acted as an in-house security resource to help them validate or assist their security efforts regarding technical support, security questionnaires, penetration testing, and more.

What it’s come down to is communication. 

For D3Clarity it’s been a huge lift to have the extra hands on deck, but there was still so much that was new for them throughout the engagement. Regarding compliance, their vCISO provided clear advice and guidance for the team’s best interest. This allowed them to better understand not only the process but the reasoning behind decisions that would ultimately help them achieve a healthy SOC 2 Type 2 report. 

When it came to Penetration Testing, they were unsure what would be found and what to do with the results. The Rhymetec Penetration Testing team spoke very candidly about the process to ease their concerns: what was going to be done, what was being looked for, things they should be concerned about, things they shouldn’t be concerned about, and so on.

Thorough communication has helped them build a piece of mind and a sense of security internally, achieve and maintain compliance, while also being able to elaborate their efforts and standards internally, or with new and existing clients.

“It was a huge help to have that person that had the knowledge and was able to take a step back and actually advise on the needs of our best interest. I think we would still be going through the SOC 2 process if it weren’t for Rhymetec.”

– Alexis Keller-Carrell, Operations Associate