Our virtual CISO team is ready to help you hit the ground running and take your organization’s information security program the the next level.  At Rhymetec we provide support to clients challenged with defining, managing and articulating the resutls of information security and risk reduction programs. 


I What is vCISO?

vCISO (Virtual CISO) is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations that need security expertise and guidance.

We provide support to clients challenged with defining, managing and articulating the results of information security and risk reduction programs.

Rhymetec provides CISO-level support for organizations needing additional guidance on implementing strategic plans, aligning with the business, managing existing projects and more.

We provide an experienced CISO who can support existing CISOs or step in to provide CISO-level leadership in case of an open position. 

Why It’s A Good Idea

Rhymetec’s CISO advisory services are provided by former CISOs who have experience designing, building and managing

information security and risk management programs for SMB to Fortune 100 organizations. We match their knowledge and skill sets with your specific needs and goals to deliver successful and long lasting relationships.

Typical benefits include:

  • Verifiable Industry Experience
  • Expert Advisor
  • Strategic Security Planning
  • Flexible Investment
  • Guaranteed Objectivity
  • No Training & Certification Costs
  • Annual Risk Assessment
  • Objective Measurable Performance
  • Access To A Team Of Experts
  • No Turnover
  • Wide Range of Specialized Expertise
  • Scalable Bandwidth
  • Proven Methodology
  • Free Risk Registration
I How we do it

Rhymetec delivers two distinct CISO-led, on-demand services for clients. CISO services are a partnership, customized to meet specific client needs. Actual execution of the work by the CISO may be fluid, based on the judgement of the CISO and client leadership.


CISO Advisory Services

Support for active CISOs in implementing strategic plans,

overseeing critical projects and meeting demands of regulators and auditors.

Guidance may include:

  • Business alignment
  • Board-level discussions
  • Incident Response Plans
  • Technical advice and more

Interim CISO

The interim CISO will act as the security representative for all approved activities and work to find a new or replacement

CISO by assessing needs, developing job requirements and

assisting with candidate interviews and evaluations.

The Interim CISO provides service such as:

  • Assessing a program’s current state
  • Strategic planning
  • Prioritizing execution steps
  • Advises on an as-needed basis
  • Recommends solutions for skills and expertise gaps’
  • Helps in the recruiting and onboarding of a new CISO
I Deliverables from Rhymetec

From comprehensive data management plans, to fully itemized reports that provide information regarding methodology, findings, potential mitigations, and our recommendations.


Rhymetec specializes in enabling meaningful, real world solutions to the most pressing challenges of the modern enterprise security environment. Assessment and reporting is contextualized to your business sector, and custom-tailored to your specific environment. 


Our process is engineered to provide all the data and insights needed for you to make informed decisions and take definitive action.